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At Wilhelmina Models, we take pride in the distinctive professionalism, integrity, and ethics that are the core values of our company. With over 40 years’ experience as one of the preeminent model management firms in the world, Wilhelmina considers authenticity to be of the utmost importance. Because the safety and best interests of aspiring models are matters we take seriously, we ask that you please be aware and cautious of scouting imposters misappropriating the Wilhelmina name.

Wilhelmina utilizes the latest in information and social technologies to find and develop the next generation of talent, whether it be by model scouting or submissions. Complete information can be found on Wilhelmina’s website under “Be a Model”. Above are the only ways in which we accept model submissions.

In the event that you are contacted by an individual claiming to work for or represent Wilhelmina Models, we strongly advise that you call any of our three offices to verify their identity directly before responding.

Falsely claiming to be a representative or scout of Wilhelmina Models is illegal. If you believe you have had dealings with or communications from an imposter, contact the Better Business Bureau, the FBI, or other law enforcement agencies. Wilhelmina wishes all aspiring models the best of luck and to stay safe in their endeavors.